Things are a bit thin at the cinema for kids this Christmas. The only new release for the holidays is the 3D adventure Walking With Dinosaurs, which is oddly aimed at very, very young viewers and will drive their parents crazy with its inane dialogue. Read our full review of the movie here.

Walking with Dinosaurs
Disney's 'Frozen' Is A Safe Bet for Christmas

Much more appealing, Disney's Frozen still sits near the top of the box office chart even though it's been out for several weeks now. So everyone's seen that by now - probably two or three times - but it's worth planning a return visit this coming weekend (it's definitely a better bet than those dinosaurs). And in a pinch, the still-lingering Free Birds at least offers some mindless laughter. 

The better bet is probably to stay home with a video. Megahit sequels Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University have been released on disc and on-demand just in time for the holidays, as have the less-thrilling spin-off Planes and racing-snail adventure Turbo

And if you're sick of animation, last year's ridiculous comedy-adventure sequel Nativity: Danger in the Manger is just out on video starring David Tennant in the two lead roles. Martin Freeman starred in the first Nativity but couldn't make it to this second film because he was in New Zealand filming Peter Jackson's three-part epic adaptation of The Hobbit. But oddly for an adaptation of a beloved children's book, these films are definitely not for kids. Read our full review of 'Walking with Dinosaurs' here.

Watch the trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs: