Hit and Run, starring Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper hits U.S theatres this week. Contactmusic.com has collated its reviews to find out exactly what the critics think of the new romantic comedy.

You wouldn't usually think of a rom-com with a name like Hit and Run, but despite a twist of action, the film is exactly that. Annie (Bell) and Charlie (Dax Bronson) want to leave town, chase pastures new and find the opportunity of their lifetimes, but a federal marshal (Cooper) stands in their way. The film has received mainly negative reviews so far, with film review-aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes maintaining a 43 per cent critical rating for Hit and Run on its 'Tomatometer'. Joe Neumaier of The New York Daily News is sympathetic, but overall, damning: "Hit and Run, for as much sporadic fun and genuine heart it has, runs out of gas. But it's not for lack of trying, and that counts for something," he surmises, adding, "For a while, Hit and Run seems revved up and rarin' to go. But the movie drags at crucial moments, getting too caught up in quirkiness to soar."

It's not all doom and gloom for the film though; Nola.com states that "Hit and Run" certainly won't make anyone forget "Smokey and the Bandit," but it might make them remember it fondly - and that's something worth revving your engine over, good buddy." The overall consensus seems to be one of 'okay, but could have been better,' and considering the spate of one and two star reviews, it's a view that's hard to argue.