Disney's 'Frozen' was released last November (2013) and has now become the highest grossing animation of all-time, beating the $1.063 billion mark which was set by the Disney/Pixar movie 'Toy Story 3' in 2010.

'Frozen' has become the most successful animation of all-time

The plot is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen, follows 'Princess Anna' (Bell), the future Queen of Arendelle, along with mountain man 'Kristoff' (Groff) races against time to prevent her sister, 'Elsa' (Menzel), from unwittingly turning the kingdom into an eternally icy realm, along the way 'Anna' meets new friends and learns vital life lessons.

'Frozen' is the first film from Disney Studios to surpass the $1 billion mark, and is the tenth to do so from Disney.

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It is also the tenth highest grossing film of all time on the global market after earning $398.4 million domestically and $674 million worldwide, thus totally at $1.072 billion, according to Box Office Mojo.

Since reaching this achievement fans, who have called themselves 'frozenholics' have been able to congratulate the film on its success on Twitter by using a '#CongratulationsFrozen' hashtag.

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