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Kristanna Loken Tops Sexy Lgbt Celebrity Poll For Pride Month

29th June 2014

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines beauty Kristanna Loken has been voted the hottest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (Lgbt) celebrity in a new poll.The bisexual blonde has beaten out reality star Amanda Leigh Dunn...

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Fascinating Fact 10770

1st February 2011

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN is set to show off her comedy skills as she launches a career as an improviser. The actress will be appearing at the Celebrity Improv Mashup!...

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Michelle Rodriguez's Sex Tape Vow

14th December 2009

Michelle Rodriguez would make a sex tape if she wanted to reveal her sexuality.The 'Avatar' actress has long been rumoured to be bisexual or a lesbian despite insisting she isn't, and says if she had...

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Birthday Surprise Paris Hilton

20th October 2009

Paris Hilton jumped out of a cake at her boyfriend's birthday party.The blonde socialite threw the surprise party for Doug Reinhardt at her Beverly Hills mansion on Saturday (17.10.09) and wore a sexy hot pink...

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Terminator Star Weds On Family Farm

26th June 2008

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN has wed the son of late artist KEN DANBY. The actress, who was previously linked romantically to Bloodrayne co-star Michelle Rodriguez after speaking candidly about her...

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Loken Hates Her Big Feet

24th June 2007

Actress KRISTANNA LOKEN hates being unable to wear pretty shoes - as her size 11 feet mean she has to rely on "drag-queen stores" for her large footwear needs. The Terminator 3: Rise Of The...

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Bisexual Loken Plans A Family

30th January 2007

Bisexual TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN is planning to become a mum - and already has a sperm donor who has offered to father the child. The 27-year-old actress, who has...

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Loken Terminates Lesbian Show After Cast Disputes

29th January 2007

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN has told producers of lesbian TV drama THE L WORD she won't be back for another season - because she didn't get along with her castmates....

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And The Worst Films Are ...

23rd January 2007

Meanwhile, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, which nominates the worst films of the year the day before the movie academy nominates the best, selected Basic Instinct 2, BloodRayne, Lady in the Water, Little Man, and...

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Basic Instinct 2 Leads Way At Razzies

22nd January 2007

Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct 2 and Little Man have led the way in nominations at the Razzies  Hollywood's alternative to the Oscars.Created in 1980 by critic John Wilson, the Golden Raspberry awards pick out...

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Stone Leads Razzie Awards

22nd January 2007

SHARON STONE's BASIC INSTINCT sequel appears to be have been a risk not worth taking after notching up seven nominations at next month's (24FEB07) Razzie Awards, including Worst Picture and Worst Actress Of The Year....

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Loken And Rodriguez In Lesbian Relationship?

15th November 2006

TERMINATOR 3 star KRISTANNA LOKEN has given her biggest hint yet she is dating LOST actress MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ. Loken was recently interviewed by gay publication The Advocate, where she was asked about stories linking her...

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More Super Powers For Terminator's Loken

20th October 2006

TERMINATOR 3 star KRISTANNA LOKEN is set to return as a super powered femme fatale in a new US sci-fi TV drama series, called PAINKILLER JANE. The statuesque actress, who played a futuristic machine intent...

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Uwe Boll Knocks Out Critics

25th September 2006

LATEST: Cult German film director UWE BOLL has knocked out some of his harshest critics in the boxing ring, in revenge for their harsh reviews of his movies. The film-maker challenged journalists to a physical...

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The Things They Say 2157

2nd June 2006

"My parents couldn't care less that my sister is a lesbian, married to a woman. Neither do they care about anything as long as it makes me happy even if it is a love for...

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The Things They Say 1764

31st March 2006

"KRISTANNA has the better tongue action. Girls always do. They have softer lips." Pop star PINK will always remember smooching with bisexual TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN.

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Loken Loves The Ladies

27th March 2006

TERMINATOR 3 star KRISTANNA LOKEN has come clean about her bisexuality, admitting the relationships she has had with "certain women" have been more fulfilling than those she has had with men. The blonde bombshell, who...

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Sexy Loken's Blood Diet

16th January 2006

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star KRISTANNA LOKEN has her blood checked regularly so she knows exactly what to eat. The sexy actress, who plays a vampire in new movie BLOODRAYNE, is the...

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The Things They Say 1009

11th January 2006

"We all came home one animal richer because there were so many stray dogs and cats." Actress KRISTANNA LOKEN and the cast and crew on the set of new horror movie BLOODRAYNE fell in love...

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Loken Leaves Windows Broken

5th December 2005

T3 star KRISTANNA LOKEN has a destructive way of getting into her home whenever she locks herself out - she punches through her windows. The stunning actress admits that her glass-smashing technique has been...

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The Things They Say 748

2nd December 2005

"No man who's been with me has been disappointed." T3 beauty KRISTANNA LOKEN has great confidence in her bedroom skills....

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The Things They Say 741

2nd December 2005

"It would be cool to kiss myself. Actually, kissing myself would be hot. I'd know what I wanted." T3 star KRISTANNA LOKEN is enamoured with herself....

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The Things They Say 725

30th November 2005

"I love being naked. Skin is the sexiest thing. The texture and the taste of it is so erotic. I sunbathe topless. I like having tanned t*ts." TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES beauty KRISTANNA...

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Loken: 'I Could Beat Up Rodriguez'

30th November 2005

TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES beauty KRISTANNA LOKEN is warning her pal MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ never to start a fight with her - because she's certain would win. While Rodriguez is often regarded as...

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Loken Likes To Lick Her Blood

30th November 2005

Sexy actress KRISTANNA LOKEN has developed such a great fascination with blood, she now enjoys tasting her own whenever the opportunity arises. The TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star, who plays a half-human,...

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Kingsley To Play Videogame Character

12th August 2004

OSCAR-winning actor SIR BEN KINGSLEY has signed up to play the bloodsucking ruler of the BLOODRAYNE videogame in a new movie. The GANDHI star will play KAGAN, the leader of a vast and dangerous...

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Barbarella Tops Sexy Poll

10th August 2004

Swinging sixties space heroine BARBARELLA has been hailed the sexiest sci-fi babe of all time. The scantily-clad intergalactic beauty - played by JANE FONDA in the 1968 space-age film - topped a prestigious poll...

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Knightley And Beckinsale's Boob Battles

6th February 2004

English actresses KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and KATE BECKINSALE are battling for the Best T+A (Best tits and a**e) award at this year's (04) GOLDEN SCHMOES. Teenage star Knightley - who garnered interest in her breasts...

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Pink Back With Ex-hart

2nd February 2004

Pop punk PINK has dumped rock wildman TOMMY LEE to return to her ex-boyfriend, motorcross rider CAREY HART. The GOD IS A DJ star had a public split with Hart late last year (03)...

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Pink Warned To Watch Her Behaviour By Pepsi

15th January 2004

Pop punk PINK has been warned about her future behaviour after signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with soft drinks giants PEPSI. The GET THE PARTY STARTED star is noted for her uncompromising behaviour -...

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