The Kardashian sisters get beauty tips from their mother.

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe were inspired to set up their new cosmetics line, Kardashian Beauty, by their mum Kris Jenner, who encouraged them to experiment with bold make-up looks from a young age.

Khloe explained to Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''We love experimenting with make-up. I think we're known for always having a glamorous look - a smoky eye, a nude lip. That's something we got from our mother Kris. We used to play in her beauty drawer as children.''

The 57-year-old showbiz momager is fanatical about skincare and has advised her daughters to always wear sunscreen and wash their faces properly before bed.

Khloe added: ''Her secrets have changed over the years. She told me that she used to sunbathe in baby oil back in the day and now she encourages us all to slather ourselves in sunscreen.

''But one thing she religiously told us was that you have to really clean your skin at night before bed.''

Kourtney chimed in: ''With any beauty regime, the secret is consistency. Our mom used to be really strict about washing skin with a hot wash cloth to really steam the make-up out of the pores.''