Are you eating breakfast? Then put it down, now. So, a Kardashian wardrobe malfunction is the talk of the internet today, but it's not Kim. And it's not Kourtney. Heck it's not even Khloe. Nope, unfortunately it was the family matriarch Kris Jenner who suffered Halloween ignominy this week


Jenner tweeted a picture of herself in full Wonder Woman garb, complete with gold accessories, though she hadn't quite taken the time to make sure everything was in check. Realising her error, she quickly deleted the image, though daughter Khloe wasn't going to let her forget it in a hurry. "Hi nips. That's my mom," she wrote on Instragram, alongside a re-tweeted picture. Ever the PR guru, Kris brushed off the incident in a blog post, writing, "Jeeeez what's all the fuss about?!!! It's just an innocent nip slip, happens to the best of us," As E! Online quite rightly pointed out, there's a Justice League movie in development: maybe this was just Jenner's way of trying out for the role of Wonder Woman?

Daughter Kim donned a similar version of the outfit to the PAMA's Halloween Masquerade party in Los Angeles back in 2008.