Kris Jenner would hate 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' to end.

The showbiz matriarch - who stars in the show with estranged husband Bruce Jenner, and children Rob, Kim, Kourteney, and Khloe Kadashian, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner - has spent so long filming the E! programme, the entire crew feel like her family and she would hate to say goodbye to them.

She confessed on UK TV show 'Lorraine': ''I'll definitely miss it. We've had the same crew since day one, we're like a family. I'll miss working with my kids every single day on that level. I don't like change, it's inevitable. But for me, I'm a creature of habit so I like it.''

The high-profile family has often been hurt by rumours - such as Khloe's estranged husband Lamar Odom being an alleged drug addict, and Kris and Bruce's separate lives - but Kris has learnt to take them on the chin.

The mother-of-six sighed: ''You just have to live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself, I tell my kids that all the time. And find your happiness and everything else will fall into place.''

The 58-year-old star insists the long-running show - which has just returned for its ninth series - isn't scripted and they just fit the cameras around their private lives.

Kris explained: ''When you're filming a show like this, which we've been doing for a really long time, when the cameras go on, you forget they're there ... We just live our lives and be filmed. We don't have scripts or things we're supposed to say.

''We just film and have fun. There's a lot of things that we have planned, like family vacations, if I know Kendall's going to be in New York for three weeks, we have to send a camera crew there. It's fascinating to watch someone else's perspective on your life.''