The Gucci Gucci star took to earlier this week (21Dec15) to share her misery with fans, revealing she has been left broke for the holidays.

She went on to blame a dodgy accountant for failing to settle the bill with representatives at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even though she had given him the funds to pay off the debt.

"Can't believe the day came," Kreayshawn wrote. "The IRS wiped my whole bank account clean. Four days before X-mas. I'm completely devastated. I did pay my taxes (except) instead of my accountant paying them, he took the money for the taxes and never filed and robbed me. So now I have to pay taxes from 2011 (to) now. My current lawyer said we'd work out a payment plan. But I woke up to my (account) on zero with no warning."

Kreayshawn later removed the messages after other Twitter users mocked her financial woes online.

"Had to delete those tweets because it's painful seeing people laugh at my misfortune and devastation," she shared. "The chronicle misfortunes of (a) piece of white trash from Oakland. My best selling novel. When people say it's okay you been (through) worse, (I don't know) if that's even true and if it is true then wow my life is really s**t (sic)! LOL (laugh out loud)!"