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Kraftykuts Freakshow Album

Krafty kuts aka Martin Reeves releases his first debut album 'Freakshow' on Against The Grain Recordings. This is quite surprising considering the amount of acclaim and times seen on the DJ scene playing all over the world. He's been named best international DJ in Australia and has had plenty of support from Radio1 DJ's Annie Mac and Zane Lowe for 'Bass Phenomenon' featured on this album. Kraftykuts is certainly unique in that he's merging breakbeats with upbeat house vibes to create a heavy dancefloor experience.

On 'Freakshow' Reeves has collaborated with some genuine UK talent. The use of Dynamite MC and Bespoke displays some quality MC delivery that works well with progressive hip hop beats. I especially liked 'We Do This' as it has a lot of character, energy and mood. Yolanda is also featured expressing heartfelt singing and engrossing vocals. There's also Theo, Dr Luke and A.Skitz who feature on 'She's Out Of My Head' displaying a seriously upbeat and funky dancefloor track. The best thing about this album for me is the funk energy. There's dirty progressive electro P-Funk attacks with tracks like 'Krafty Pervert,' 'Bass Phenomenon' and then genuine funk like 'Bring Back The Funk'. Then there's the chilled side to Krafty like 'The Funk Is' and 'Summer Samba.' All in all it's just quality.

I really like this album. I can't pick a bad track and whole thing is engrossing, inventive and easy to listen to without selling out at all. Reeves is genuinely adding to the integrity of UK breaks fusion and deserves credit.

Tareck Ghoneim

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