Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been brought closer by his mother's death.

The model and businessman has been hit hard by the passing of his mother, Bonnie, from cirrhosis of the liver in October, but it has meant he has started seeing his life with Kourtney and their son Mason, who is four in December, differently.

A source said: ''Scott's been more emotional since his mom died. He's now more dependent on Kourtney. It really affected him. He's staying at home more and being a much better father. Scott has grown up a lot. He's much more responsible.''

The tragedy has also affected Kourtney, 34, and friends are now speculating it could lead them to marriage.

A source close to Kourtney told Life and Style magazine: ''Kourtney has been saying she wants to grow old with him. Their connection is stronger now than it has ever been.''

Another friend added: ''Scott will definitely make a good husband. He's very attentive and loving.''