Kourtney Kardashian's son has said his first words.

The socialite's child Mason - whose father is Scott Disick - turns one tomorrow (14.12.10) and is delighting his family with the progress he is making, including walking and "starting to talk".

Kourtney's mother Kris Jenner said: "I've decided it was 'mama.' I'm going with that!

"Mason is just getting introduced to regular food, because Kourtney's been nursing forever. He loves sweet potatoes! It works for the holidays."

Kris - who is married to former athlete Bruce Jenner - is amazed at how much Mason looks like her late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, and says he brings "joy" to the family because of his visible connection to their Armenian heritage.

She told People magazine: "He's a true Kardashian! He's this little darling Armenian baby. To have this Armenian gene just keep flowing through this family in such a crazy strong way has been just a delight for my entire family."

The way in which Kourtney adapted so quickly to motherhood has also delighted her mother.

Kris, 55, added: "She's embraced motherhood, I've never seen such a great mom. This has changed her life ... I'm so proud of her."