The daughter of Klaus Kinski - the late German actor known for Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo - has accused her father of raping her repeatedly as a child. The worrying accusations were made this week by Pola Kinski, his now 60-year-old daughter from his first marriage. 

Speaking in Germany's weekly magazine Stern, Pola said, "He ignored everything, including the fact that I often tried to resist and told him 'I don't want to'. He simply didn't care. He just took what he wanted." Kinski - known for his short temper - died in California in 1991 and was regarded as one of Germany's most exuberant performers. He appeared alongside Clint Eastwood in the western For A Few Dollars More, though was known for his work with Herzog, which often resulted in violent clashes with the director. Kinski had a history of mental health problems and attempted suicide. His vitriolic outbursts meant he was feared by interviewers. His daughter claims that the actor began summoning her to hotel rooms and apartments in Berlin, Rome and Madrid, throwing her against walls and subjecting her to violent rape before showering her with lavish gifts afterwards. "He treated himself to a little sex object, placed on silk cushions," she said.

Klaus Kinski had two other children with his second and third wives. His daughter - the film star Natasha Kinski and son Nikolai - are yet to comment on Pola's revelations.