Prancing about onstage like some giggling, underdeveloped girl, Mick Jagger can barely control his audience with an ineffectual plea: "Brothers, sisters - we don't want this. We all want to have a good time. So let's settle down now or...or...or we just won't play anymore." While the Rolling Stones preen onstage and Jagger fiddles with his endless mane of bangs, the leather biker boys who comprise the Hell's Angels control the 300,000 hippies in the audience clamoring for attention and Jagger's skinny bod.

This concert footage is intercut with scenes of the Rolling Stones' lawyer, bespectacled fussbudget Melvin Belli, as he organizes their free concert in California. The locals seem wary of bringing the Rolling Stones to town, along with all those crazy fans: Someone's sure to get hurt. We also catch glimpses of the obviously whacked out Stones on a press junket, oblivious to the manic fans who fervently gather around them.

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