Review of The Heart Of The Nightlife Album by Kisses

Kisses are an LA based duo that make chilled out feel-good music; a contented blend of electro pop and more down-tempo electronica. Through The Heart Of The Nightlife the duo, Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson prove themselves as something of an American Belle & Sebastian producing relatively down-tempo yet feel-good tracks.

Previous single 'Kisses' opens the album with funky synths, guitars, electronic beats and funky, melodic bass guitar lines heralding Kisses, on first impressions, as a Hot Chip-inspired, more chilled out Friendly Fires. Smooth male vocals are showcased over the electronic bed of 'Bermuda', whilst 'People Can Do The Most Amazing Things' displays a kind of 'eighties feel electro-percussion introduction then intercepted by guitars suggesting an indie band meets electro-pop blend. Again the dominance of the melodic bass parts sings clear throughout 'People Can Do The Most Amazing Things' and indeed throughout the entirety of The Heart Of The Nightlife.

The albums' title track is perhaps its highlight despite being essentially a two chord instrumental; a heartbeat-like electronic bass drum pounds through smooth, sweeping synths before kicking into a funkier groove. Throughout the album, Kisses suggest themselves as a weaker, more average and middle of the road version of Caribou with their funky yet laidback dance grooves, chilled swooping synths and gentle guitar riffs.

Kisses The Heart Of The Nightlife Album

The Heart Of The Nightlife is an average album of pleasant enough feel-good tracks that get your feet tapping but eventually seems to blend into one. Perhaps also a result of harmonic simplicity, Kisses' sound lends itself more as background music than a particularly outstanding and unique musical offering; there's a feeling of bland monotony that gradually sneaks into The Heart Of The Nightlife. Unimaginative yet inoffensive listening.

Hannah Spencer

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