Wild Kiss rocker Gene Simmons once ordered an amorous groupie to give oral sex to 25 of his friends - after she begged him to order her about.

The I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU hitmaker was stunned when the unnamed woman arrived at his hotel room late at night, while he was on tour during the 1970s, asking for sex, but happily obliged. Later, the woman offered to do anything Simmons wanted, and he decided to share his good fortune with the rest of his road crew.

Gene recalls, "It was a lot of fun.

"She was naked, except for a little bracelet around the waist, and she started bowing to me, calling me the 'Prince of Evil,' and asking me what to do.

"So, I told her to go upstairs and blow all the roadies, and she left. The next day, they were all very nice to me."

11/07/2004 10:35