A museum in Oregon is to be named after Kiss rocker Tommy Thayer's war hero father.

James B. Thayer joined the U.S. Army during World War Ii and, as a general, he helped rescue Jews imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps in Austria.

He was recognised for his bravery by members of the U.S. government and now bosses at the Oregon Military Museum in Portland have decided to pay tribute to the 90 year old for putting his life on the line by renaming the institution.

Tommy tells Spinner.com, "He's a hero to me as a dad and also as a soldier in the military... In Europe in 1945, as a member of the U.S. Army in World War Ii, he was in head to head combat with Ss troops (of the German Army) and he earned both the Bronze and Silver Star.

"His platoon helped liberate one of the Nazi concentration camps in Austria - he was one of the first guys in there and he helped save a lot of people's lives.

"He's done so many amazing things that the new Oregon Military Museum up in Portland is going to be named in my dad's honour: The Brigadier General James B. Thayer Oregon Military Museum."

Tommy is helping to raise money for the institution by launching the All-Star Salute fundraising campaign, which encourages donors to support the renovation.