Former Kiss drummer Peter Criss has announced plans to open up about his wild past and cancer battle in a new memoir.
The rocker will team up with celebrated author Larry 'Ratso' Sloman to pen Makeup To Breakup, which is due to be released via publishing house Simon & Schuster's imprint Scribner on 23 October (12).
He tells Artisan News, "I am so blessed that I am finally going to write my autobiography, and I hope you enjoy the ride. The best of all is I get to share my true feelings of my love for God, family, friends and fame. It's been a wonderful life."
And the musician promises to hold nothing back.
He adds, "It’s about my life. Of course, it’s about drugs, sex and rock and roll, but it’s about my parents, my growing up, getting through Brooklyn (New York), going through gangs, getting into drugs, getting out of them, getting through cancer. I’m four years free of cancer now. I’m doing great."
Criss, who successfully fought off breast cancer in 2008, isn't the only Kiss star to release a memoir this year - Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have co-authored a tale about the group's formation, called Nothin' To Lose, which is slated to hit U.S. shelves this summer (12).