Rockers Kiss have paid tribute to a tragic fan by performing the song she was named after during a concert in Australia over the weekend (16-17Mar13).

Shandee Blackburn, 23, was stabbed to death in MACkay, Queensland last month (09Feb13), and as a way to celebrate her memory, frontman Paul Stanley led the crowd in an acoustic version of the track Shandi during the group's show in the city on Saturday (16Mar13).

Addressing the audience, he said, "I think everybody knows about a girl called Shandee Blackburn. We lost her. We wish she could be here with us - so why don't we sing a little something for her, all of us?"

And Shandee's mum, Vicki Blackburn, who gave her daughter tickets to the gig for her birthday, and attended the concert in her place, admits she was moved to tears by the gesture.

She tells local publication the Herald Sun, "It was just really sweet. At the end Paul said, 'Let's say goodnight and goodbye to Shandee.' I wasn't crying at all until then. It was a very special moment."