Rockers Kiss have teamed up with organisers at Hiring Our Heroes to recruit two U.S. military members to work on their 40th anniversary tour.

The legendary band is teaming up with Def Leppard to launch a 42-city North American trek this summer (14) and the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are hiring two veterans to join them as roadies.

Gene Simmons tells U.S. breakfast show Today, "We're looking forward to honouring our brave, brave military..."

Bandmate Paul Stanley adds, "It's part of the organisation and part of the movement called Hiring Our Heroes.

"People have to realise that the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy here, we take for granted. The people that make it possible are part of the world's greatest volunteer army. These people risk limbs, they risk their lives for us. We owe them everything.

"So if we can hire a few of them just to bring attention to the fact that we owe them everything... God bless our troops, so we are here to hire two of them."