Rockers Kiss and Motley Crue donated $250,000 (£161,000) to unemployed former U.S. troops during a joint gig in Bristow, Virginia on Thursday (19Jul12).
The group presented the cheque to bosses of the National Chamber Foundation's Hiring Our Heroes, an initiative aimed at reducing unemployment among U.S. military veterans.
Speaking at the free concert for 3,000 former and current soldiers, Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley said, "Without veterans, there's no tonight. There is no freedom. There is no rock 'n' roll without these people."
The bands embarked on their collaboration with Hiring Our Heroes after they recruited military veteran Paul Jordan to work as a roadie on their joint trek, called simply The Tour, which began on Friday (20Jul12).
On the project, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons says, "This is something that all companies should be doing - reaching out. They don't want any charity, they don't want parades, no money. Just give them a chance to support their families."