Former Kiss star Peter Criss was so embarrassed after he was diagnosed with breast cancer he decided to keep his illness a secret for almost a year.
Criss, who left the rock band in 1980, found a lump in his left nipple in December 2007 and was shocked to find out he had the disease, which is more commonly associated with women.
And the drummer admits he vowed to keep the news quiet, only telling his wife, Gigi - because he feared he would be ridiculed in the press.
He tells America's CNN news network, "I was petrified. I kept thinking, 'This is not happening to me.' I went into total shock. My wife and I discussed it a lot and we were like, we can't let anyone know this because the tabloids are vicious."
But Criss finally decided to go public with his condition in a bid to help other men diagnosed with breast cancer.
He adds, "So it's embarrassing. Somebody should (say something). I think you should open you big mouth and say something. Even if only one or two guys get this, or their wives say to them 'I think there's something wrong, I think we should check this out.' Then I have achieved something more than a People's Choice award or a gold record."