Kirstie Allsop, the property developer and TV presenter who describes herself as a "passionate feminist", has suggested that if she had a daughter she would encourage her to avoid university, get a job, save for a deposit, get a flat, find a boyfriend and have a baby before 27. The Location, Location, Location presenter has two sons with her partner, the property developer Ben Andersen, though the couple have never married.

Kirstie AllsoppKirstie Allsopp encourages women to avoid university

"I don't have a girl, but if I did I'd be saying 'Darling, do you know what? Don't go to university," she told the Telegraph this week, "Start work straight after school, stay at home, save up your deposit - I'll help you, let's get you into a flat. And then we can find you a nice boyfriend and you can have a baby by the time you're 27."

Allsopp - who lives in a large house in Holland Park, London - continued: "At the moment, women have 15 years to go to university, get their career on track, try and buy a home and have a baby. That is a hell of a lot to ask someone. As a passionate feminist, I feel we have not been honest enough with women about this issue."

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"I don't want the next generation of women to go through the heartache that my generation has. At the moment we are changing the natural order of things, with grandparents being much older and everyone squeezed in the middle. Don't think 'my youth should be longer'. Don't go to university because it's an 'experience'. No, it's where you're supposed to learn something! Do it when you're 50!"

Allsopp has co-presenter Location, Location, Location on Channel 4 since 2000, as well its spin-offs Relocation, Relocation and Location Revisited, alongside Phil Spencer. She has also hosted The Property Chain, Kirstie's Homemade Home and Kirstie's Handmade Britain.