Mr and Mrs Property, the loveable duo of Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, are back on our screens with a new show Love It Or List It. But 15 years in the property ladder TV spotlight is apparently not enough for Kirstie who has admitted she is "super chippy" about never being nominated for a UK-wide BAFTA.

Kirstie AllsoppKirstie isn't happy about being BAFTA-less

The star of Location, Location, Location is frustrated at the industry’s lack of acknowledgement towards the achievements of her and Phil.

She said: "We created the gene, Phil and I made the pilot for Location, Location, Location, we developed it with [the production company] and we have gone on."

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Despite being long in the tooth with these kinds of shows, the pair are excited about being back fronting a new programme which sees the two go head-to-head with Kirstie trying to persuade home owners to remodel and Phil pressuring them to go for a move.

Of the new show, Kirstie said: "I hate moving house and I will do anything to avoid it so I was coming from quite a deep place in my desire to prevent people moving house.

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"There was never any decision over who would do what, it was always going to be me doing the revamping and Phil doing the hunting."

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It Or List It is on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8pm.