Kirstie Alley had her second mishap in consecutive weeks after she lost a shoe during last night's Dancing With The Stars. Kirstie Alley was performing with partner Maksim when another misstep saw the 60-year-old lose a shoe, which then slid across the dance-floor, reports the Huffington Post.
Luckily for Alley, the shoe didn't travel very far and she managed to slip it back on later in the routine. It's the latest mishap for the actress, who tumbled to the ground during last week's performance. Maksim took the blame for the fall and the couple recovered well to post a relatively strong score. However, the latest mishap led Alley to become frustrated, saying after the show, "I'm not doing a sitcom. I'm actually doing a dancing show! I'm tired of having to recover. I would just like to do something right.When people are accident prone, there is something going on with them. There is something going on. Our rehearsals were swell". Alley, who scored 22 points out of a possible 30 for her latest routine, called herself , "the freak show".
Despite her strong start on the show, Kirstie Alley is now regularly falling behind the likes of Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio on the leader-board.