Kirsten Dunst is having a wardrobe clear-out because she wants to start dressing her age.

The 29-year-old actress has decided to get rid of all of her "childish dresses" because she believes they are too "cute" and are no longer appropriate for her because she will turn 30 next April.

Kirsten explained to T Magazine: "I'm currently cleaning out my closet of childish dresses. I want to start dressing like I'm 30. Some of the things I have are like, I can't wear this anymore, it's not cute."

While Kirsten doesn't enjoy shopping because she is constantly besieged by fans, she confessed she does love dressing up for photo shoots.

She said: "I don't shop for a long time. People bother you.

I like it when I do a photo shoot and it's a fantasy of something. I knew the concept and I'm easy, you can dress me up."

Kirsten admits to being more comfortable in vintage clothing and says the 1920s costumes she wore in 'The Cat's Meow' when she played William Randolph Hearst's actress-mistress Marion Davies were her ideal outfits.

She explained: "There was a white dress that I would have loved to have kept. People look better in black and white - it's so much more powerful."