Kirsten Dunst has been slammed by cult film-maker Vincent Gallo for pulling out of a movie featuring unsimulated oral sex - just before shooting was due to start.

The Spider-Man actress had committed to starring in Gallo's THE BROWN BUNNY, but was aghast at the prospect of performing the sex act on the star-director.

And Gallo, whose film went on to endure a critical mauling, is still annoyed with Dunst for pulling out at the last minute.

He says, "I called her and told her that I was displeased that she had abandoned me on the day she was supposed to film.

"She became another person. She was a cold, curt, nasty little witch of a brat on the phone."

And Gallo was surprised by Dunst's decision because she'd asked for a role in The Brown Bunny after telling him how much she'd admired his previous movie as a director, BUFFALO 66.

Gallo says, "I understood where she was coming from. Maybe she accepted the role too soon. If she wants to do lame, stupid movies, it's great. I respect her."

Dunst was replaced in the film by Gallo's ex-girlfriend, American Psycho actress Chloe Sevigny.

17/01/2005 13:58