Kings Of Leon went on heavy drink and drugs binges when they first toured the UK.

The 'Sex on Fire' rockers first played in Britain six years ago - when two members of the band, guitarist Matthew Followill and bassist Jared Followill, were too young to legally consume alcohol in their native America - and admit their partying got out of control.

Matthew said: "I didn't turn 21 till we'd been a band for a few years so coming to England was awesome. We'd play the show and immediately start drinking beer.

"In the end I was sick of feeling hungover. I just didn't eat, ever. That's cocaine. I'm so glad it's over. I just feel better. We never touched it again. I try to not even drink that much now."

Singer Caleb Followill, Matthew's cousin, added: "Oh God, ecstasy, man! One night the guys were looking for me - I later found out someone had slipped me some really strong ecstasy. Finally they found me behind a huge speaker.

"It was the loudest music ever and I had a huge smile and tears pouring out of my eyes. I was crying and enjoying it at the same time.

"When you do drugs you're thinking, 'I'm doing this to keep me going, otherwise I'm just going to fall asleep and I'm not going to wake up.' When, really, doing drugs is probably going to be the way you fall asleep and don't wake up."

The band also admit they used to take advantage of groupies and even had fights over who was going to bed the best-looking girl.

Drummer Nathan Followill - Caleb and Jared's brother - said: "One of the perks of being in this band is that 80 per cent of our crowd are girls. We're super-competitive so after a show, if your girl's prettier than my girl, I'm going to try to take your girl from you.

"We had gotten our first taste of the benefits of the lifestyle, for sure."

Despite their excesses, the 'Molly's Chambers' rockers insist they have changed their lifestyles and turned their backs on their excessive ways.

Caleb told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "When I quit drinking whiskey, I'd say 80 per cent of my anger went away. I still drink wine, though. This life would be much tougher if I didn't drink."