Kings Of Leon star Matthew Followill claims some of the band's family live in "caverns".

The guitarist - who is joined in the band by his cousins Caleb, Nathan and Jared, who are all brothers - has revealed the group's devoutly Christian family still live in humble conditions in their native Oklahoma, despite the huge success the rockers have achieved.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I don't think that they have a choice necessarily. That's what they've been given and that's what they are able to use.

"A decent portion of our family lives off the land up there. They build their own houses or caverns and stuff and they just live in there, live day to day."

When asked if they give their relatives money, bass player Jared - who along with his bandmates saw their fourth album 'Only by the Night' sell over six million copies - added: "I think we thought about it, but then we just thought like it would be cool to for us to keep the money, because then it's still our money. We definitely help out, we do what we can.

"That's a double edged sword too, there's ways that you can give without just giving money, then it would maybe allow them to do certain things that they shouldn't be doing."

Jared, Nathan and Caleb spent most of their childhood moving around the Southern United States with their father, Ivan Leon Followill, a United Pentecostal Church preacher, and their mother, Betty-Ann.

Although they have now been across the globe and are world famous rock stars, the band - who can be seen in new documentary 'Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon' - insist they are proud of their humble Roots.

Jared said: "I think it's cool, totally, we all grew up wanting to be cowboys so, yeah, I don't mind being called a redneck."

Matthew added: "I think it's more hillbilly than anything. Whatevs. (sic)"

'Talihina Sky: the Story of Kings of Leon', a documentary about the band is in cinemas now.