Kings Of Leon's Caleb Followill ''poured his heart out'' in the lyrics to the songs on 'Mechanical Bull'.

The singer wrote all the things he couldn't face telling his bandmates - brothers Jared and Nathan and cousin Matthew - face-to-face into the songs on their new album, which came off the back of cancelled tour dates in 2011 and a break after Caleb was suffering from ''exhaustion''.

Nathan told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''You could tell he was pouring his heart out. It was almost like he didn't feel comfortable enough telling us face to face how he felt but he would put it in the lyrics and get up and sing it all day long.

''We're as close as close can get, we're family, we know everything about each other, but this was a glimpse into his private world.''

It was rumoured at the time that 31-year-old Caleb's drinking had got out of hand and he had gone to rehab, but while he admits he was drinking too much he says it never got that far.

He explained: ''I've never been to rehab. I just stopped. I enjoyed rediscovering what it's like to be normal, and not play the role people expect. It opened my eyes to a lot of stuff.

''It doesn't mean there aren't gonna be times when we all want to cut loose and let our hair down. I enjoy not drinking.''

'Mechanical Bull' will be released on September 24.