Review of The Party's Over Album by King Post Kitsch

Sometimes you hear people say 'they sound like them', or 'they might as well be a tribute band', well to those same people, here's a newsflash: over the years there's been a lot of music created and to really define your own style is a near impossibility; when a band finds a formula that works for them it's a special thing, so what if it sounds something like someone who once was. In the past King Post Kitsch have been likened to The Kinks, and the comparison has almost been used in a negative way, well personally I think if 'The Party's Over' does sound like that, it should be at least a half interesting listen.

King Post Kitsch The Party's Over Album

King Post Kitsch is just one man: Charlie Ward and 'The Party's Over' is certainly a quirky listen, however the tracks just fly by and you just can't seem to get enough of the tunes. Ironically 'The Party's Over' is a party from start to finish, kicking off with the perfect tune to get things started. 'Portland Street Pt. 2' is an ideal taster of what is to come; it's a psychedelic and experimental amalgamation which blends sounds from both the sixties and seventies.

Trying to point out the real highlights on this album is quite difficult really because in its own unique way, the whole record is a highlight. However there are some tracks that do stand out from the rest and a current favorite has got to be 'Bricks and Bones' with the heavy baseline and no real body to it what so ever. This tune might be all over the shop but that is what actually shapes it together.

If you lived through the 60's and 70's, then the chances are you might not quite see the appeal to King Post Kitsch but if you're an 80's or 90's child, this album acts as a brilliant introduction to some of the musical heritage a lot of bands of today draw influences from.

It is better to wear your influences on your sleeve and see what you can produce rather than try to cleverly disguise it and hide behind it. A cracking mad set of tunes that brings a smile to your face, well hopefully if it doesn't then tough, it could be worse you could be listening to James Blunt.


Mark Moore

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