Kimberly Wyatt dyed her hair brown after having her wisdom teeth taken out.

The singer - who found fame with the Pussycat Dolls - decided to have a complete image overhaul at the beginning of the year following a painful operation.

Talking about her former blonde locks, Kimberly said: "I had quite a new year. I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and I was in so much pain. Then I decided to change my diet to a more organic one. Any toxins I put in or on my body makes me react in a crazy way - my scalp was smelling, my skin was bad - so I decided to make a change. It was a new year, new me!"

Kimberly also revealed she tries to incorporate her "punk-rock" side into her everyday style.

She said: "I'd say I have a real punk-rock edge. So no matter how girlie I go, I try and incorporate things that stay true to my punk-rock side. So even if I'm wearing a flowy feminine dress, I'd throw a motorcycle jacket on and rock it out with hoop earrings, Bangles and rings and things."

Although she wears a lot of skimpy outfits on stage, Kimberly admits she's not always happy with her looks.

She told new! magazine: "I'm like any girl. I wake up sometimes and don't feel good about myself. I always nit-pick about things and sometimes I just have to look in the mirror and build myself up, and tell myself, 'You know what? You're fine! Stop putting yourself down. Be happy with what you have and just go out there and flaunt it.' "