Kimberly Walsh is having to undertake physiotherapy after suffering a knee injury on the tenth series of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The Girls Aloud singer has developed iliotibial band syndrome but hopes to be fully recovered by the weekend when she will perform a salsa routine with her professional partner Pasha Kovalev. The condition is the result of strenuous, repeated exercise more commonly associated with running, cycling, hiking or weight-lifting. 'I've got a bit of a bad knee which is causing me a bit of trouble', the star told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat. 'But I'm getting physio every day and I'm crossing everything that I'll be able to salsa this weekend.'

And it's no wonder she's caused some damage; she must've been doing some pretty intense rehearsing for last weekend's routine which earned her her highest score of the series so far. She got 31 points from the judges which put her in an impressive second place. Her dance moves seem to be attracting the attention of other dancers too, with Louis Smith confessing that he thought she was 'beautiful' leading us to believe he was harbouring a little crush on the 30-year-old. However, he has since denied this, telling reporters at Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Women of The Year Awards 2012: 'I don't have a crush on Kimberley Walsh. I got asked if I think she is good looking and I said that she is beautiful. Then in the papers the next day, I had a crush on her.' We believe you, Louis!