Kimberley Walsh has built a mini gym at home to stay in shape.

The Girls Aloud beauty maintains her curvaceous figure with regular workouts at her house but admitted she sometimes finds it difficult to stay motivated.

She explained to The Sun: "I have a mini gym at home which consists of a bar, some weights, resistance bands and a step. I do enjoy working out on my own but I have to push myself to do lunges which are the ultimate move for getting that burn in your bottom.

"My 30th birthday really put the pressure on me to be in great shape."

Although she embraces her curves, Kimberley revealed she does find it hard to keep her trim figure.

She said: "I find it hard to keep the weight off. I'm quite normal really - not thin, not fat and my stomach's ok because I used to dance loads.

"It's mostly my bum that annoys me. Fortunately people like J-Lo and Beyonce are flying the flag for people with big bums so it puts me more at ease with it."