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'Fresh Meat' Filming

Jack Whitehall and Kimberley Nixon - The cast of 'Fresh Meat' filming the latest series in a park in Manchester City Centre - Manchester, United Kingdom - Wednesday 15th April 2015

Jack Whitehall and Kimberley Nixon
Jack Whitehall and Kimberley Nixon
Jack Whitehall and Kimberley Nixon
Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall

4 Early Eddie Redmayne Films You Definitely Need To See

Eddie Redmayne Stephen Hawking Julianne Moore Sean Bean Kimberley Nixon David Tennant Juno Temple Christopher Lee Bill Nighy

Eddie Redmayne caused no surprise when he landed the award for Best Actor at the 2015 Oscars, following his role as a young Stephen Hawking in his epic biopic 'The Theory Of Everything' which had already won him a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Eddie Redmayne at the 2015 Oscars
Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor

It was a foreseeable win, and one that Hawking himself has admitted he's very proud of for Redmayne. We were, of course, already aware of his extraordinary talents before he was cast in the movie, following appearances in 'Les Miserables' and 'My Week With Marilyn', but even before then he was gluing people to screens with his early performances. These are four movies starring Eddie Redmayne that you probably haven't seen, but definitely should:

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British Comedy Awards 2013

Kimberley Nixon - British Comedy Awards 2013 at Fountain Studio - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 12th December 2013

Kimberley Nixon and Zawe Ashton
Kimberley Nixon

The British Comedy Awards 2013 held at Fountain Studios

Jack Whitehall, Kimberley Nixon, Greg McHugh and Zawe Ashton - The British Comedy Awards 2013 held at Fountain Studios - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 12th December 2013

Jack Whitehall, Kimberley Nixon, Greg McHugh and Zawe Ashton
Jack Whitehall and Gemma Chan
Jack Whitehall and Gemma Chan

Picture - Kimberley Nixon , Wednesday 14th November 2012

Kimberley Nixon Wednesday 14th November 2012 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 European Premiere held at the Empire, Leicester Square - Arrivals.

Picture - Kimberley Nixon , Saturday 10th November 2012

Kimberley Nixon Saturday 10th November 2012 The Elton John AIDS Foundation Grey Goose Winter Ball held at the Battersea Power Station.

Offender Review

It's clear that director Scalpello and writer Van Carter were trying to do something unusual here, but those standard prison movies cliches prove that they're just too difficult to resist. And this leaves the film's revenge plot feeling rather uninteresting.

Tommy (Cole) is a young thug sent to prison for two years after punching a couple of cops. Once inside, he locks his eye on top goon Jake (Frank), and there's more than a hint of personal vendetta about it. Sure enough, in flashback we see a series of events during the summer 2011 London riots and some nastiness involving Tommy's pregnant parole-officer girlfriend Elise (Nixon). But now that he's inside, who can Tommy trust? His cellmate (Kirby)? A peace-loving Muslim (Oba)? Certainly not the dope-smoking guard (Dooley).

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Hunky Dory Review

With a lively recreation of 1970s South Wales, this relatively standard nostalgic teen drama holds our interest through its colourful settings and characters. Although without a clear central figure, the film feels rather diffuse.

Viv (Driver) is an unorthodox drama teacher at a Swansea school, where she encourages her students to express themselves. But this causes problems when Davey (Barnard) keeps getting knocked back by his crush Stella (Branch), Kenny (Evans) hangs out with a band of skinhead thugs, Jake (MacKay) starts seeing this sister (Nixon) of his best pal (Byard), and Evan (Harries) realises he doesn't like girls. As their class production, a rock-infused version of The Tempest, approaches, everyone will need to take a stand. And it could get rather messy.

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Hunky Dory Trailer

It is 1976 and the UK is in the midst of a summer heatwave. Viv May is the drama teacher at a Swansea comprehensive and has the idea to stage a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, instead of the usual, dreary Oliver Twist.

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Resistance Review

This intriguing what-if story is set in an isolated Welsh valley after the failure of D-Day allows the Nazis to invade Britain. It's a great idea, and the filmmaking is sensitive and complex, although it's never as exciting as it should be.

After their men sneak off in the night to join the resistance, farm wives Sarah (Riseborough) and Maggie (Morgan) are left to do the work themselves. Soon a group of German soldiers arrives, led by Captain Albrecht (Wlaschiha), who takes an odd approach to his role as an occupying force. He decides to hide from the Gestapo in this valley, hopefully riding out the war while keeping his young officers (Ianevski, Doestch and Taubman) from battle. He also develops an uneasy friendship with Sarah.

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Resistance Trailer

Set in a fictional 1944, Britain has lost D-Day and the Nazi's are starting to occupy the country. One morning, Sarah Lewis wakes up to find her husband has gone, along with the other males in the tiny Welsh village where she lives. She is alarmed to find a German soldier in her home, who tells her that he will be staying in the village for a week, along with the rest of his patrol.

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Black Death Review

This medieval thriller is cleverly shot and edited to crank up quite a bit of tension, even as the over-the-top grisliness and wacky religious overtones make it nothing much more than a cheap thrill.

Osmund (Redmayne) is a young monk in 1384 England just as the plague is breaking out. The question is whether it's a curse from God or caused by evil in the world. Then the Bishop's envoy Ulric (Bean) arrives with news that an isolated village is somehow pestilence free. Drafting Osmund as a guide, the team heads off to confront what is no doubt pure evil, and indeed when they arrive they meet the village leader Langiva (van Houten), who has turned her back on the Church and created a creepy idyll.

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Black Death Trailer

In 1348 the many people of England were struck down by the plague that swept the length and breadth of the island. Knight Ulrich was one of the greatest fighters of the time and when he learnt of a small village untouched by the deadly illness, he tasked himself, a band of soldiers and a young monk to discover their secret and hunt down a powerful sorcerer thought to be able to bring the dead back to life.

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Cherrybomb Review

With stylish camerawork and editing, the filmmakers liven up what is otherwise a strangely tame look at teen obsessions with sex and drugs. Some strong performances add a sense of angst, but it's never very convincing.

In Belfast, Malachy (Grint) is a responsible young guy working in the Titanic Leisure Centre, where he catches his 16-year-old colleague Donna (Quinn) having an affair with their boss Crilly (Nesbitt). Malachy is as sex-obsessed as the next guy, but his best friend Luke (Sheehan) is trouble: lively, charismatic and danger-loving. And real problems emerge when Malachy falls for Michelle (Nixon), Crilly's maneating daughter. Especially when Luke goes after her as well.

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Georgia Groome, Interview

Georgia Groome - Interview

Interview with Georgia Groome, lead actress in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

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Kimberley Nixon

Kimberley Nixon Quick Links

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