It seems Kim Kardashian really has struck gold again and no we’re not talking about her marriage to Kanye West. This time, it’s all thanks to her IPhone game, ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ released late last month. According to TMZ, the app is set to net the reality star around $85million this year alone, tripling her annual income. But what is it about this simple sounding role playing game that’s got everyone so hooked?

Kim KardashianKim is set to make a lot of money from her Iphone game

When ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ was announced last month many turned their nose up at the concept. A game where a virtual Kim guides you onto the A-list by advising you on ‘networking’ and complimenting your outfits? Yes it did all sounded a bit silly and frankly boring. But since the game’s release it’s skyrocketed to the top five of Apple’s free game list on their App Store and some are even estimating it will make a profit of over $200 million. But what’s perhaps more surprising is that the game has a near perfect user rating.

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In ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ you create a virtual representation of yourself and attempt to make it on to the celebrity A-list. When the game begins, you’re a lowly boutique worker, that is until the day Kim Kardashian enters your store and your own ascent to stardom can begin. Throughout the game you learn the importance of flirting, networking, checking your make up and your lighting, all under the watchful eye of Kim, who pops up now and then to offer help and advice.

On paper or in an ITunes store description, ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ doesn't sound all too enthralling a game, but for those who have it download it seems satisfaction is almost guaranteed. It holds a near perfect iTunes rating, with plenty of users describing how they simply can’t put the game down. But it’s not just faceless internet reviewers who are hooked, their’s plenty of surprised critics out there writing that they could put the game down either, heck even some at Jezebel are addicted!

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Despite what our cynical selves might have wanted to think, it turns out ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ is actually just pretty fun. It’s an easy ‘game’ to work, so much so that ‘game’ probably isn't even an accurate description. It gives you relatively easy tasks to complete, praises and rewards you when you do well and because it’s a representation of you up there on screen, you can’t help but want to do better. All those people who never gave a toss before about Kim’s celebrity status are now totally invested in their own, albeit virtual, one.

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