CBS Detroit have reported today that the Kardashian clan are claiming another hefty chunk of America's dollar-supply and have signed a three year deal worth $40 million, with the E! network channel. The deal is for Kim Kardashian and her family's reality TV shows; the shows that made them famous and are doing a good job of keeping them famous.

Proving that blood is thicker than water and that some blood is thicker than other blood, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris and Bruce will all get an equal share of the deal, whilst their siblings, Kendall, Kylie and Rob will be getting a smaller slice of the pie. The spouses get in on the action, too: they get their own deals, so Scott Disick (Kourtney's partner) and Lamar Odom (Khloe's husband) have also made their own arrangements with the network. $40 million is a considerable sum for the Kardashians to be walking away with and this sum is on top of all of their other income streams, including the Kardashian fashion and beauty lines.

It looks as though Kim Kardashian will be getting a decent portion of the family cash and she's been grabbing her fair share of the family headlines, too. She's been spotted out with the rapper Kanye West recently and it looks as though romance is on the cards for this unlikely pairing. Last night, they arrived together at the Chanel dinner at the Tribeca Film Festival; they arrived hand in hand and posed for photos together. Last year, Kim famously married Kris Humphries, but their marriage only lasted for 72 days.