Kim Kardashian arrived at LAX yesterday after a brief stay in London. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star brightened up her pregnancy wardrobe with a white-on-white outfit. Shortly before arriving, Kardashian tweeted: “Been up for hours, so jetlagged. Watching E! & saw the new KUWTK8 promos. Anyone else see them? So cute! #Family1st.”

Kim upheld that mantra, when she was greeted at the airport by sisters and co-stars on KUWTK Khloe and Kourtney. Of course, this season of the Kardashian family show might be made a bit disappointing by the fact that Kim’s baby – the as of yet unnamed “kimbryo” won’t be featured (you know, due to being unborn and all that). However, the eldest Kardashian sister has recently made it public that she might not be opposed to having the baby appear on the show once it’s born. And we already know that the sisters’ momager – Kris Jenner – is willing and eager to take the little one under her wing and turn him or her into a star.

But, according to her Times interview, via The Daily Mail, the Kardashian is still reluctant to think about featuring her brood on the show, mostly because of the disapproval of father-to-be Kanye West. And we can see his point – the parents might be adept at handling the media attention, but there’s no reason to shove a defenseless little tot into the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian, London
The mom-to-be has just returned from London, where she attended a Beyonce show.