Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk, the man responsible for attempting to make Kim Kardashian his next victim as he lunged at her during the Paris Fashion Week only several days ago, recently opened up about his latest stunt.

Sediuk tried to grab Kim's legs at the fashion show

"I had a feeling that Kim would show up there because she is friends with the designer of Balmain," the Ukrainian journalist told The Hollywood Reporter. "I basically came there just for them. I knew they were going to be the biggest guest of the night."

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"If it was Kanye West, I would have done it like I did it with Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio," he added. "But with Kim Kardashian, I was very cautious because I know she is a woman - so I kind of hugged her legs. I already had a bad experience with America Ferrara. It's different with men."

Moments after the Kardashian sister got out of her car at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, to attend the Balmain fashion show, she was rushed by Sediuk at around 3 p.m., who was waiting in the large crowd gathered outside the venue. In a video of the incident, Kim is clearly grabbed and pulled down by Sediuk, and tries to hold onto her security guard while alerting her husband Kanye West, who exited the vehicle from the other side.

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Sediuk offered an explanation as to why he does these seemingly pointless stunts. "I like the show business world. But it's obviously not my intention to offend someone. It looks like I'm a monster, but I'm a normal guy. Well, what I'm doing isn't normal - but I don't have bad intentions," he said. "I'm already banned in America. I could be banned in the European Union next. I hope I will not be."

Kim, Kanye and their daughter North West at the Paris Fashion Week

The 25 year-old prankster also noted there wasn't a heavily police presence during his attempt at rushing Kim. "Maybe they were looking for that. Because those pictures look like you are a God coming from the cross amid millions of fans and photographers," he said. "Maybe they're interested in that."