Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel in London

Kim Kardashian leaving the Dorchester Hotel for the second time today (November 9)

It was a busy day for Kim Kardashian in London today (November 9) as she left her hotel bright and early in the morning for an early appearance on This Morning on ITV. Kim knew she was in for busy day, and she let her fans on Instagram know about it early on too, posting a picture of her tousled haired and just out of bed , with the caption "Trying to get up & start my day! Loving London" (she must've put her make-up on in her sleep or something.)

Kim Kardashian Instagram pic

A sleepy Kim Kardashian posted this picture to Instagram early this morning

She then headed to ITV studios in London wearing a black fur coat to appear in an interview alongside her sister Kourtney, where she caught the eye with a red cleavage-revealing figure-hugging dress that rather raunchy for such an early hour - not that we can imagine any of the male population of the country who'd woken up early would've been complaining. Kardashian's in town launching her own Kardashian Collection with retailer Dorothy Perkins, with all signs so far pointing to it being a glowing success. 

Kim Kardashian returns to her hotel

Kim Kardashian returns to her hotel room after a busy morning

Kim Kardashian returns to London hotel

The front of Kim's outfit received rather a lot of attention this morning ... the back look perfectly fine too