Is Kim Kardashian getting engaged to Kanye West? She’s been making a lot of noise recently regarding her desire to divorce Kris Humphries as quickly as possible and says that this is for the health and wellbeing of her unborn baby but recently, she tweeted a picture of herself wearing a KW ring on her engagement finger.

Kim posted the snap, accompanied simply by the comment “KW” on her Instagram account and Twitter page. No further comment on the ring from Kim but of course, one photo of a ring, on an engagement finger, in celeb-land is all it takes for those engagement rumours to start ringing. There was plenty else to be taking notice of in the picture: the unusual ‘half-way’ rings, worn at the top of the finger, the unusual bracelet / ring chain, the unusual choice of white nail varnish, which looked a little like when you decide to paint your nails with Tippex when you’re bored in class. But the gold KW ring stole the limelight, for sure.

No word yet from Kim’s rep as to whether or not she and Kanye are planning on getting hitched. It certainly seems like a logical step, now that they’re expecting a child together. She does have to sort out that pesky problem of still being married though. That marriage that we hastily branded the ’72 day marriage’ has actually lasted a whole lot longer than that and it’s no wonder Kim’s keen to escape the clutches of a broken down betrothal. 

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, showing signs of a baby bump