Kim Kardashian's aunt has confirmed reports suggesting her sister Kris Jenner and husband Bruce have separated.

The family members have been playing down stories about a split for months, even though Bruce has been living at the Kardashian beach house while his wife resides at the clan compound.

But now Kris' younger sister, Karen Houghton, has broken her silence about the break-up, revealing the couple has separated and former Olympian Bruce has "sought out a lawyer".

She tells In Touch magazine, "They still do things together. Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together."

And there are more revelations from Houghton, who claims her sister has been getting letters from jailed O.J. Simpson, who her ex-husband Robert Kardashian represented in his 1994 murder trial.

Houghton alleges O.J. was always "flirty" with Kris at parties, and now "he has been trying to contact Kris from jail".