While Kris Humphries desperately wants an annulment for his ill-fated marriage to Kim Kardashian, the trial date of May 6th represents a calendar crash for the NBA player.

You see; Humphries’ team, the Brooklyn Nets, are entering the most important period of their season. They’re on track to place in the 2013 Playoffs, which take place from April 20th to June 20th. So it would appear the athlete has a few options: he could try and settle the trial early, effectively giving up on the annulment but supporting his team mates; miss the trial, play in the playoffs and jeopardise his chances of winning the case with his absence, or go to the trial, but face the prospect of some angry teammates and fans. What would you do? It’s certainly a tough one. Here’s the thing though, it would appear that Humphries has in fact made his mind up, and, according to sources close to TMZ, he’s going to ditch his teammates and fight the court battle on May 6th. Unfortunately for Chris, a win in this trial is looking unlikely because of the prenup, so he could just risk his 2-year, $24 million and come up with nothing!

Kardashian is keen to get this over and done with, as she’s expecting a baby with Kanye West, and would like to wed, ideally, before it’s born, if not very soon after. Kanye is also very keen for this to happen due to his deeply religious upbringing.