Kim Kardashian has a spray tan every 10 days.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star loves to maintain her sun-kissed glow and she is always pleased by the results.

She said: ''I have a spray tan every 10 days - I know I do it a lot but I love it. I have a guy called Jimmy Coco come to my house in LA and spray me. I don't know what fake tan he uses but he's a great tanner.''

Kim also admits she relies on fake tan when she has a break-out of psoriasis, a painful dry skin condition.

She said: ''My psoriasis is flared up right now. It's really bad and it's annoying. I'm using Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs which is a wash off tan and is the only thing that works for me as it really covers it up.

''My psoriasis doesn't stop me going out, but I don't know what to do about it - I need help.''

While Kim likes to tan regularly, she admits she doesn't wash her hair very often.

She told Now magazine: ''I try to avoid washing my hair a lot. I love to use Moroccanoil to give it all a really great shine.''