Kim Kardashian wants a $1,250 spoon to celebrate her marriage.

The 30-year-old beauty - who recently announced her engagement to basketball star Kris Humphries - has put together a gift list for her upcoming nuptials and is keen for a large collection of crystal, including a $840 ashtray, despite not being a smoker, and a set of 24 champagne flutes at $130 each.

The list has been set up at Gearys of Beverly Hills - where Kim's sister Khloe also had her gifts from for her marriage to Lamar Odom in 2009 - and it has also been revealed the wedding date will fall on October 31.

Other items include a set of five Noir napkin rings with crystals, costing $150 each, and 14 martini glasses worth $46 each.

It was recently revealed the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement, with Kim calling in the help of her mother Kris to help create a deal to protect her earnings should their marriage fail.

A source said: "Kim's Beverly Hills home and all of her assets are protected. Additionally, she keeps anything she earns during the marriage.

"He does not receive anything if the marriage fails. He agreed to that. He's not worried."