Inviting a celebrity to an armed forces ball has become the done thing, and it has become the done thing to accept the invitations extended. Kim Kardashian is the latest television personality to have been honoured to attend a Marine Corps Ball, with Sgt. Martin Gardner who was on the events committee for the ball, E! reports.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake both attended a Marine Corps Ball in 2011, the latter even blogged about it, noting how moved he was by the event, calling it an "honor and privilege." While Kim didn't have quite so many or such touching words with which to respond to the Ball with Sgt. Gardner, she did tweet about her experience, saying "Just left the Marine Corps Ball. Thanks to all of the marines I had the opportunity to meet tonight ! Thank you for all that you do!" 

The Marine's identity had been kept a secret for months, which is certainly no mean feat with the press these days, but the Marines are the best of the best, so I guess we should expect no less. Sgt. Gardner wore his uniform, which has red trimming, to which Kim dressed impeccably in a bright red Roland Mouret dress, which beautifully picked up on the trim of the uniform. No doubt Sgt. Gardner felt very privileged to be there, we certainly hope Kim felt the same pride.