Kim Kardashian says she has worked hard for her success.

The reality TV star boasts a successful fashion and fragrance business along with her TV career but insists nothing has been handed to her and she has put a lot of effort into becoming a strong businesswoman.

In the upcoming episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', she tells her brother Rob: ''You say you want something, well, no one ever gave me anything, like, I worked.''

Claiming Rob just needs to work harder to become successful, she refers to the Example of their sisters, saying: ''I want something, I make it happen. Kourtney wants something, she makes it happen. Khloe wants something, she makes it happen.

''I've always been, like, the type, like, to hustle and do it on your own, so I feel like sometimes when you want help, I'm like, you're not directing us. I told mom 'This is exactly what I want to do,' and she made it happen. We would all help you if you had a little more guidance to us.''

However, Rob insists he has been left out because he is a guy.

He says: ''Majority of the time together, it's you three, the three girls.''