Love Kim Kardashian? Do you Keep Up with the Kardashians on a regular basis? Well, Kim’s upcoming video game looks like just the right kind of entertainment. The reality star and media mogul just released a trailer for the app on Instagram and it looks… well, it looks like a dress-up game with Kardashian’s face. Which is wha"

Kim shared the video along with the caption: "Excited to announce the new #KimKardashianGame launches next week on the App Store and Google Play! Check out the trailer…"

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Along with multiple other projects, Kim has been developing a game app – a combination dress-up and life simulator that lets players slip into Kim K’s 8-inch heels and skin-tight outfits

Kim Kardashian
Add "video game creator" to Kim Kardashian's already impressive list of titles.

The 15-second clip promises that users get to join Kim on “your own celebrity adventure”. The adventure apparently includes hitting “the hottest clubs”, flirting and falling in love, starring in high fashion photoshoots, creating “your own star with hundreds of style options” and, as the trailer makes it seem, being mentored by a Kim cartoon the whole way through. So, if you ever wanted Kim Kardashian’s glamorous life, this is your shot at it – a simulated, animated, app version, at least. In conclusion… Bible? Bible.