Kim Kardashian the reality star and socialite, was spotted trying to cover up what looked suspiciously like a love bite when she was spotted out shopping with her new beau Kanye West. The Sun reports that the date between the two saw them take up some shopping before heading to the cinema for a screening of new film The Hunger Games, with the experience making West a little peckish himself.

West recently debuted a new song, 'Theraflu' in which he announces his newfound love for the TV personality, with Kardashian already declaring her love for the song during an appearance on the 'Today' programme. However she remained coy throughout the rest of the interview regarding her new romance with the rapper.

Model Amber Rose, Kanye's ex and now fiancee of rapper Wiz Khalifa, has gone on record stating that the reality star "wrecked their relationship" and sent Kanye raunchy pictures of herself during her and Kanye's time together and whilst she was in a relationship with Reggie Bush two years ago. Kim went on to wed basketball player Kris Humphries in August last year, although that only lasted for a mere 72 days, a subject that West brings up in his new song claiming that she loved him during that time anyway.