Kim Kardashian cannot step foot outside her home without being followed by the paparazzi.

But this time it was the paps who managed to get away.

The reality star was pulled over on an LA freeway for speeding and it caused the traffic to be at a standstill.

TMZ reports, Kim was attempting to evade several vehicles driven by photographers, who were trying their best to get a snap of her.

The perfect opportunity arose for them and as soon as the 33 year-old was pulled over, the paps flocked around Kim's car in the middle of the freeway, which caused a huge traffic jam.

The report also states a helicopter was even following the Kardashian about being intrusive.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the incident occurred at 1pm on LA's 101 freeway, and a law enforcer reported three or four vehicles were in pursuit of Kim, who was in the back seat of a black Rolls Royce.

Only one of the paparazzo's received a ticket, which was for speeding and for making a non-emergency stop on a freeway, the rest got away.

The gossip website also claims the CHP will be looking further into the incident to try and seek additional prosecutions for the reckless drivers. One source told TMZ, "They're not getting away with this."

Kim has just returned to LA after attending Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday celebrations in New York, where her beau, Kanye West, performed some of his hit tracks.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian receives ticket for speeding