Making her long-time-coming return to the late night talk show circuit, Kim Kardashian had a lot to discuss when she sat opposite Jay Leno on Tuesday (29 Oct.) night. Her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, her first late night appearance since becoming a mother, gave her an oppertune moment to discuss the various gossip-making events that have surrounded the star since the birth of North West in June this year.

Kim Kardashian
Kim had plenty to discuss with Jay

Of course, baby North was among the garb, but one of the main talking points in the interview was THAT Instagram picture. You know, the one with the butt cheeks and side boob.

Kim told Jay that her saucy pic was meant as a "big middle finger to the world," especially to those who berated her with jibes about her weight during and after her pregnancy. She went on to say that she is now "50 pounds down" from her heaviest size thanks to regular exercise and a steady adherence to the Atkins Diet, as she admitted that the weight jibes she received "really did affect" her.

"It really hurt my soul," she said. "It changed how I am in the public a little bit...There were these stories where I was, like, 200 pounds. I was gaining weight because I was pregnant and it was really hard to read all these stories and hear all these nasty things. And I think people sometimes question, they think I'm out 'in hiding' now. No, I just wanted to kinda adjust my life a little bit because why would I subject myself to so much negativity, especially now that I have a daughter? I just didn't need that energy, I'd rather be in a happy place at home...I've definitely tried to live more of a private life because of that, because they were so nasty. Why even go out as much just to put yourself in that position?"

Kim and Kanye
Kim got Kanye's permission before uploading the infamous pic

When it came time to show off how far she'd come in such a short amount of time, as we know, she did it with attitude. Explaining how the snap made its way to Instagram, she said, "I was trying on a bathing suit and I actually just sent that to my boyfriend and I was like, 'Babe, can I post this up? This is like my big middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat.'"

When talk moved on to the actual wedding, Kim was coy, but said it will probably happen next summer at some point. She explained how neither she nor Kanye have had chance to discuss the wedding in detail yet, but said, "I think I'm enjoying just being engaged and I think we're gonna get through his tour and then really talk about when and where and all that."

Kim Kardashian Tao
She will take West's last name follwoing the wedding